Our Story

Ural Organics & Wellness is founded by Mom and Son duo with the sole purpose to provide natural, quality, healthy, wholesome wellness foods.

Moms are the ultimate champions when it comes to healthy eating habits and a special Mom Prof(Dr) Vinti Davar, an internationally renowned Foods and Nutrition expert with over 42 years’ experience of human lives by imparting education, counselling and research at University level in India and abroad, is the backbone of this venture.

She was intrigued by the idea of having a platform for pure and tasty oils which are not chemically processed by RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized), by applying heat, using harmful hexane, caustic lye (sodium carbonate) and so on. Scientifically proven, these chemicals have deleterious effects on health.

Nourishment being an inherent nature of a mother, she moved beyond her roles and launched Ural Organics & Wellness.

We started initially focusing on natural, virgin oils with all natural, unspoiled richness for cooking, nourishing the body and hair.

Just then, a dire need was felt for adding affordable Healthy Snacks as nuts and dry fruits and much more to our line to make these an important part of everyone’s diet, providing energy and essential nutrients between meals and also for exercise.


Guided by our strong values and building on our rich heritage, we work to realize our vision for a safe and sustainable future, contributing to the global effort to provide healthy sustenance for a growing population.

We recognize our responsibility to foster long-term stability and growth, and to do business with integrity. Determined to lead by example, we continuously strive to stretch ourselves and always challenging ourselves to improve.